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List view record 1: Out of the blueList view anchor tag for record 1: Out of the blue
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Out of the blue

Jay, AlisonUUUU
When a giant octopus entangled in fishing line is washed ashore during a big storm and becomes stranded on the beach, a young boy and girl, assisted by various sea creatures, push and pull him back to sea. Includes endnotes on marine life, lighthouses, and items that wash up on beaches.
List view record 2: 10 dogsList view anchor tag for record 2: 10 dogs
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10 dogs

Gravett, Emily2023
Ten gorgeous dogs chase, hide and play with ten juicy sausages! Bursting with energy and fun, children will love to count the dogs and the sausages, as well as looking out for all the funny details on each page. The book explores numbers one going up to ten, and ten going down to zero, touching o...
List view record 3: A blaze in the bushList view anchor tag for record 3: A blaze in the bush
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A blaze in the bush

Lux, Kat2023
Fletch the koala and his friends from the Eucalypt Forest are putting together a "Wood Watch Team" to discover how blazes in the bush begin. Together they try to find a solution, but the fire is already raging and flames are spreading fast. A story about working together, friendship and loss... w...
List view record 4: ABC : deconstructing genderList view anchor tag for record 4: ABC : deconstructing gender
List view record 5: ABCs of astrophysics : a scientific alphabet book for babiesList view anchor tag for record 5: ABCs of astrophysics : a scientific alphabet book for babies
List view record 6: The adventures of Fish FingersList view anchor tag for record 6: The adventures of Fish Fingers
List view record 7: Amy Wu and the ribbon danceList view anchor tag for record 7: Amy Wu and the ribbon dance
List view record 8: AnimalsList view anchor tag for record 8: Animals
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This board book introduces animals to very young children in a fun and simple way. Specially designed to stimulate toddlers and encourage the development of motor skills, this engaging board book is filled with embossed images and textures to touch. The bright pages feature happy babies and handp...
List view record 9: Ayla's Christmas wishList view anchor tag for record 9: Ayla's Christmas wish
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Ayla's Christmas wish

Jones, Pamela2023
Christmas is coming and Ayla wants a snowman just like in her book, but there is no snow to be found in her drought-stricken town, not even a drop of rain. Only bales of hay. "Ayla's Christmas wish" is inspired by the small, south-west Victorian town of Tarrington, which runs a hay bale design co...
List view record 10: B my name is boyList view anchor tag for record 10: B my name is boy
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B my name is boy

Masi, Dawn2023
A, my name is Archie, and my brother's name is Arlo. We come from Australia, and we can Advocate. Boys from 26 different countries - Australia to Zimbabwe - are celebrated in this alphabetical tribute to global boyhood. Children will enjoy reading about each boy's name, country, and favorite acti...
List view record 11: Baa baa black beltList view anchor tag for record 11: Baa baa black belt
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Baa baa black belt

Aung Than, Gavin2023
Hi! Welcome to my farm. It's where I do my training. I practise martial arts when it's sunny, cold, or raining! My name is very famous. Do you know how it's spelt? Here, let me remind you: they call me... Baa Baa Black Belt! This bumbling sheep thinks he's a karate master... but is he?
List view record 12: The balloon blow up!List view anchor tag for record 12: The balloon blow up!
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The balloon blow up!

Geppert, Andy2023
Even small questions are big when you're a kid. A little girl must decide how big she wants her yellow balloon to be. As big as a fishbowl or even bigger, like a hairy mammoth? She has to decide quickly because it looks like the balloon has its own ideas.
List view record 13: Be brave like Batman!List view anchor tag for record 13: Be brave like Batman!
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Be brave like Batman!

Hitchcock, Laura2023
Are you afraid of the dark? Don't be scared; Batman is here to help! Batman and the DC Super Friends are ready to help little heroes like you conquer your night-time fears in this action-packed storybook. Bedtime will never be the same again!
List view record 14: The bear behindList view anchor tag for record 14: The bear behind
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The bear behind

Copeland, Sam2023
Meet Ivor, a little boy in a big world, who absolutely, categorically, definitely does not like any sort of attention. So it's more than a minor catastrophe for Ivor to discover on his first day of school that he has a great big, bear behind! And as the bumbling bear begins to cause chaos and cal...
List view record 15: Beware the Argula!List view anchor tag for record 15: Beware the Argula!
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Beware the Argula!

Burgu, Kirsty2023
When two boys go fishing they are unaware that the Argula, the bush devil, is watching them and helping itself to all their fish. The boys finally see the Argula's glowing red eyes but it is too late and they become the Argula's next meal! When they are rescued, they are unconscious and have to b...
List view record 16: The Bill DupList view anchor tag for record 16: The Bill Dup
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The Bill Dup

Moor, Zewlan2023
A young boy notices a line of ants marching in, right into the house. His mum says they spell rain but she doesn't want to get his hopes up... A charming and linguistically playful story about a boy's first experience of The Bill Dup - a heady build-up to rain after a long period of drought.
List view record 17: The billabong bush danceList view anchor tag for record 17: The billabong bush dance
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The billabong bush dance

Dunjey, Amy2023
The bush was abuzz with the sound of delight, for the billabong bush dance was later that night. All were excited. Well, all except one... Only poor Platypus hid from the fun. She cried to herself, 'Oh, these silly webbed feet! I'll never be able to dance to the beat.' Follow Platypus as she lear...
List view record 18: Blueberry FarmList view anchor tag for record 18: Blueberry Farm
List view record 19: Bluey treasuryList view anchor tag for record 19: Bluey treasury
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Bluey treasury

Join Bluey and Bingo in six special stories with their family and friends. Go swimming in Uncle Stripe's pool, explore the creek, play a game of Charades and more in this collection.
List view record 20: Book Week bearList view anchor tag for record 20: Book Week bear
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Book Week bear

Mather, Rory H.2023
Claire's costume was amazing -- she had hair and teeth and claws. Plus, there was the smell of fish coming from her jaws! Claire's bear costume has a lot of flair, almost enough to give everyone a scare! But is it enough to win first prize in the Book Week parade?
List view record 21: BushList view anchor tag for record 21: Bush
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Racklyeft, Jess2023
At times in this big universe you can feel rather small. But there are worlds of every size to see, worlds for each and all. Wander into the wilderness and explore the many worlds that exist in the bush, from dingoes that croon with the rising moon to possums that enjoy a midnight feast in the tr...
List view record 22: Bush turkeyList view anchor tag for record 22: Bush turkey
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Bush turkey

Temple, Kate2023
He's an unusual fellow, really quite quirky. He has many names, but let's call him Bush Turkey! His bald head is red, he's very well dressed. And right now he's building a nest! With timber and sticks slapped together with plaster... will Bush Turkey's nest be a hit? Or a wonky disaster?!
List view record 23: Butterfly girlList view anchor tag for record 23: Butterfly girl
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Butterfly girl

Kwok, Ashling2023
"When Olivia moves from the countryside to a city apartment, she has to leave her butterfly friends behind. Her mother assures her that she'll make new friends, but time passes and no one comes to play. Can Olivia find a way to bring friends - both butterfly and human - back into her world?" -- B...
List view record 24: Captain Thunderbolt's recitalList view anchor tag for record 24: Captain Thunderbolt's recital
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Captain Thunderbolt's recital

Jolly, Jane, 1957-2023
"A bushranger ambushes a travelling German band, taking their hard-earned money and demanding a concert! He plays his whistle and dances a jig as the men brroo and oom pah pah on their instruments in fear. But this is the famed 'gentleman bushranger' Captain Thunderbolt, and this true story has a...
List view record 25: Celebrate the Day of the Dead!List view anchor tag for record 25: Celebrate the Day of the Dead!
List view record 26: Christmas days in the sunshineList view anchor tag for record 26: Christmas days in the sunshine
List view record 27: The Christmas trainList view anchor tag for record 27: The Christmas train
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The Christmas train

Lucas, Mike, 1968-2023
The night before Christmas is here once again. The North Pole is waiting, let's climb on the train. The Christmas Train follows the journey of a brother and sister as they journey towards Santa's home in the North Pole. As they travel, they experience all of the magic Christmas has to offer, from...
List view record 28: Colour GalleryList view anchor tag for record 28: Colour Gallery
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Colour Gallery

Otter, Isabel2023
Explore the gallery with Gigi and a little group of art lovers and learn about first colours and art styles along the way. Filled with peek-through gatefolds and questions for curious minds. Can you find the mouse in every scene?
List view record 29: The concrete gardenList view anchor tag for record 29: The concrete garden
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The concrete garden

Graham, Bob, 1942-2023
After a cold, dark winter, doors opened. Children spilled out like sweets from a box. Amanda was last one out of the tower block. She brought some chalk with her. On every inch of the concrete outside, the children drew pictures of everything they could think of, from flowers and snails, to space...
List view record 30: Count the StarsList view anchor tag for record 30: Count the Stars
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Count the Stars

Caisley, Raewyn2023
From the parallel lines of moonlight pouring through her bedroom blinds, to counting daisy petals in the garden, Maddie adores maths. If only she had a friend who marvelled at it as she does. Then Dad takes Maddie, along with her new classmate Priya, to the observatory where the unfathomable numb...
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