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List view record 1: AlibiList view anchor tag for record 1: Alibi
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La Plante, Lynda2024
Identical and brutal assaults on three women. One woman survives to give a detailed description of her attacker. The police arrest a suspect, Damon Morton, confident he is their man. But three of his employees admit to the crimes and Morton's wife and girlfriend provide him with an alibi. They al...
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List view record 2: All these perfect strangersList view anchor tag for record 2: All these perfect strangers
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All these perfect strangers

Clifford, Aoife2024
University life is full of perfect strangers, charismatic academics and instant best friends. Pen Sheppard fits in by reinventing herself and wiping away her past, never thinking that others might be doing the same thing. But keeping secrets can become obsessive and betrayal deadly. Within six mo...
List view record 3: Anna OList view anchor tag for record 3: Anna O
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Anna O

Blake, Matthew (Author of Anna O)2024
What if your nightmares weren't really nightmares at all? We spend an average of 33 years of our lives asleep. But what really happens, and what are we capable of, when we sleep? Anna Ogilvy was a budding twenty-five-year-old writer with a bright future. Then, one night, she stabbed two people to...
List view record 4: Any duke in a stormList view anchor tag for record 4: Any duke in a storm
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Any duke in a storm

Howard, Amalie2024
Lady Lisbeth Medford, Countess of Waterstone and famed international spy, is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. On a covert mission, she's determined to infiltrate a notorious smuggling ring in the West Indies as a ship's captain... only her identity has been compromised. Leaving her...
List view record 5: ArgylleList view anchor tag for record 5: Argylle
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Conway, Elly2024
A luxury train speeding towards Moscow and a date with destiny. A CIA plane downed in the jungles of the Golden Triangle. A Nazi hoard entombed in the remote mountains of South-West Poland. A missing treasure, the eighth wonder of the world, lost for seven decades. One Russian magnate's dream of ...
List view record 6: Between a wolf and a dogList view anchor tag for record 6: Between a wolf and a dog
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Between a wolf and a dog

Blain, Georgia, 1964-20162024
Outside, the rain continues unceasing; silver sheets sluicing down, the trees and shrubs soaking and bedraggled, the earth sodden, puddles overflowing, torrents coursing onwards, as the darkness slowly softens with the dawn. Ester is a family therapist with an appointment book that catalogues the...
List view record 7: BloodstreamList view anchor tag for record 7: Bloodstream
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Carter, Emilee2024
Life in the fast lane is not quite what Faith Jenson expected. After a job offer from the CEO of the World Endurance Championship, Faith's world is flipped upside down. Within weeks, she finds herself leaving her tiny London flat behind for an open-ended trip around the world. As the new social m...
List view record 8: The Blue Gum CampList view anchor tag for record 8: The Blue Gum Camp
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The Blue Gum Camp

Kelsall, Léonie2024
Charity Farrugia is too sensible to believe she'll find love in a paddock. After all, at thirty-four, she's the one with the secure career and the mortgage. The one who took on the job of raising her two sisters when Mum got sick. Everyone knows she's the practical one. The responsible one. Yeah,...
List view record 9: The conciergeList view anchor tag for record 9: The concierge
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The concierge

Corson, Abby2024
The peaceful setting of Cavengreen Hotel has been shattered by a shocking murder. Hector Harrow, the hotel's concierge, has been accused and is determined to clear his name. Hector enlists the aid of Helen, a retired publisher, to document the shocking crime that has unfolded, with the intention ...
List view record 10: Confessions of a canine drama queenList view anchor tag for record 10: Confessions of a canine drama queen
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List view record 11: CrosshairsList view anchor tag for record 11: Crosshairs
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Patterson, James, 1947-2024
How do you catch a killer who leaves no trace? In New York City, a sniper dubbed 'The Longshot Killer' is taking out impossible targets. Nothing links the victims - except the brutal circumstances of their deaths. Detective Michael Bennett quickly develops a profile of the killer. Great with a gu...
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List view record 12: A dance with murderList view anchor tag for record 12: A dance with murder
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A dance with murder

Coleman, Elizabeth, 1962-2024
PI Edwina 'Ted' Bristol's latest case is proving complicated. Ballerina Giselle Terreiti is the target of a stalker, but she is also the ex-wife of Ted's good friend, swordcraft nemesis and cop Spike. While accepting the case is a win for the agency, Ted must distance herself from Spike without e...
List view record 13: Dark arenaList view anchor tag for record 13: Dark arena
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Dark arena

Beaumont, Jack (Former fighter pilot)2024
When a DGSE agent is brutally murdered in front of his family, the 'Company' swings into action, determined to track down the killers. Meanwhile operative Alec de Payns of the secretive Y Division is turning a Russian intelligence officer by blackmail. His team must establish who is posting class...
List view record 14: Darkness runs deepList view anchor tag for record 14: Darkness runs deep
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Darkness runs deep

McNeel, Claire2024
In the darkest hour, a blood-soaked teenager flees the rural Gerandaroo football oval. Eight months later, Bess, a young teacher, returns home to Gerandaroo. A childhood game of dare with her former best-friend forces Bess to form a women's footy team to play against Denby, a rival town. Bess rel...
List view record 15: The dinner partyList view anchor tag for record 15: The dinner party
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The dinner party

Heath, Rebecca2024
Four Couples. Summer 1979. In the idyllic suburban neighbourhood of Ridgefield, during a scorching heat wave, four couples gather for their weekly dinner party. An ordinary evening. It's a chance for friends to catch-up, to show off their perfect marriages, to have a break from the kids... but s...
List view record 16: The eleventh floorList view anchor tag for record 16: The eleventh floor
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The eleventh floor

Orr, Kylie2024
The view is a killer... Darkly compelling and twisty psychological drama from a talented new Australian author. Perfect for readers who love Sally Hepworth, Pip Drysdale and Adele Parks. Will one mother's lie cost another woman her life? Sleep deprived, struggling and at breaking point, first-tim...
List view record 17: Everything is perfectList view anchor tag for record 17: Everything is perfect
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Everything is perfect

Fawcett, Maxine2024
Cassie Prince lives in a beautiful beachside suburb with her successful husband Jon and their children Ellie and Danny. Life is perfect, right? Except now she's reached her mid-forties, she can't help wondering what happened to the fun-loving, sexy and accomplished woman she used to be. This isn'...
List view record 18: A fairytale brideList view anchor tag for record 18: A fairytale bride
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A fairytale bride

Cinderella Assistant: Assistant Hadley has given her all to billionaire Ronan's business. He's infuriating and charismatic in equal measure! And her crush on him was a secret... yet he'll never let his guard down whilst she's his employee. Hadley's only option? To resign! But she's shocked when R...
List view record 19: First lie winsList view anchor tag for record 19: First lie wins
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First lie wins

Elston, Ashley2024
Large Print
The identity comes first -- Evie Porter. Once she's given a name and location by her mysterious boss Mr Smith, she learns everything there is to know about the town and the people in it. Then the mark -- Ryan Sumner. The last piece of the puzzle is the job. Evie isn't privy to Mr Smith's real ide...
List view record 20: First lie winsList view anchor tag for record 20: First lie wins
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First lie wins

Elston, Ashley2024
The identity comes first: Evie Porter. Once she's given a name and location by her mysterious boss Mr. Smith, she learns everything there is to know about the town and the people in it. Then the mark: Ryan Sumner. The last piece of the puzzle is the job. Evie isn't privy to Mr. Smith's real ident...
List view record 21: Foul playList view anchor tag for record 21: Foul play
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Foul play

McIntosh, Fiona, 1960-2024
The heart-stopping new crime thriller in the Detective Jack Hawksworth series by blockbuster author Fiona McIntosh. Superstar footballer Luca Bruni is being blackmailed for a night of lust he swears he didn't participate in... except the ransom photo denies that. A media darling on and off the fi...
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List view record 22: GlenrockList view anchor tag for record 22: Glenrock
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Christine, Lee2024
When Justice Maurice Tempest is murdered in the Glenrock State Conservation Area in Newcastle, local detective Senior Sergeant Callan O'Connor is the first on the scene. News of a second body, found in the same location days later, makes what had looked like a revenge killing into so much more. F...
List view record 23: GoneList view anchor tag for record 23: Gone
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Thomson, Glenna2024
When Rebecca Bundy fails to return home after the last day of school in 1984 her father reports her missing. But the teenager has run away before and recently she's been bragging about going to Queensland, so the police tell the family to wait it out. Days pass. Rumours swirl. A man seen loiterin...
List view record 24: The good woman's guide to making better choicesList view anchor tag for record 24: The good woman's guide to making better choices
List view record 25: The happiness planList view anchor tag for record 25: The happiness plan
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The happiness plan

Mallery, Susan2024
Heather is happy... ish. She has a successful business, a cute but contemptuous cat, and best friends Daphne and Tori who know where she's broken and love her anyway. So why does she feel crushed when her ex gets serious about someone new? No problem -- she has a plan. More connections will hold ...
List view record 26: Heart of the riverList view anchor tag for record 26: Heart of the river
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Heart of the river

Adnams, Cheryl2024
Mildura, Northern Victoria - 1956. Isabel Hayward has ambitions of being a great chef. But cooking for the locals at the country pub she and her mother run doesn't really allow for experimenting with haute cuisine. When she meets local Italian farmer Matteo Sorrenti, their connection is instant a...
List view record 27: Holmes, Margaret and PoeList view anchor tag for record 27: Holmes, Margaret and Poe
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Holmes, Margaret and Poe

Patterson, James, 1947-2024
Brendan Holmes, Margaret Marple and Auguste Poe run the most in-demand private investigation agency in New York City. The three detectives make a formidable team, solving a series of seemingly impossible crimes which expose the dark underbelly of the city - from a priceless art theft, high-stakes...
List view record 28: Home to Biloela : the story of the Tamil family that captured our heartsList view anchor tag for record 28: Home to Biloela : the story of the Tamil family that captured our hearts
List view record 29: House of flame and shadowList view anchor tag for record 29: House of flame and shadow
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House of flame and shadow

Maas, Sarah J.2024
Bryce Quinlan never expected to see a world other than Midgard, but now that she has, all she wants is to get back. Everything she loves is in Midgard: her family, her friends, her mate. Stranded in a strange new world, she is going to need all her wits about her to get home again. And that's no ...
List view record 30: How to sell a haunted houseList view anchor tag for record 30: How to sell a haunted house
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How to sell a haunted house

Hendrix, Grady2024
When Louise finds out that her parents have died, she dreads going home. She doesn't want to leave her daughter with her ex and fly to Charleston. She doesn't want to deal with her family home, stuffed to the rafters with the remnants of her father's academic career and her mother's lifelong obse...
List view record 31: Irish coffee murderList view anchor tag for record 31: Irish coffee murder
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Irish coffee murder

Meier, Leslie2024
Irish Coffee Murder by Leslie Meier: Part-time reporter Lucy Stone is writing a piece for the Courier about four Irish step dancing students from Tinker's Cove on the cusp of making it big. But the story becomes headline news for all the wrong reasons when one girl's mother is found dead in her b...
List view record 32: It's probably youList view anchor tag for record 32: It's probably you
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It's probably you

Denker, Jayne, 1966-2024
Gillian has been happily single for several years and, after trying a few dating apps, prefers to stay that way. Navigating her way through dates with fat-shamers and lacklustre men has left her with no desire to do anything other than spend time in her garden. Who needs rude comments and awkward...
List view record 33: Just the nicest coupleList view anchor tag for record 33: Just the nicest couple
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Just the nicest couple

Kubica, Mary2024
Jake Hayes is missing. This much is certain. At first, his wife, Nina, thinks he is blowing off steam at a friend's house after their heated fight the night before. But then a day goes by. Two days. Five... and Jake is still nowhere to be found. Lily Scott, Nina's friend and coworker, thinks she ...
List view record 34: Killing moonList view anchor tag for record 34: Killing moon
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Killing moon

Nesbø, Jo, 1960-2024
Two young women are missing. Strangers to each other, but last seen at the same party. When the body of one of them is found with fresh stitches along her hairline, the hunt is on to find a murderer with singular methods. Catching this criminal calls for a detective with a singular mind. Only Har...
List view record 35: The Lawson legacyList view anchor tag for record 35: The Lawson legacy
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The Lawson legacy

Gover, Janet2024
Kayla Lawson believes nothing is good unless it's perfect. This search for perfection has made her a successful high-end wedding planner. But all that comes crashing down when Kayla discovers she's pregnant. She retreats to the sanctuary of Willowbrook Stud to consider this imperfect future as a ...
List view record 36: Love at first flightList view anchor tag for record 36: Love at first flight
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Love at first flight

Watson, Jo (Romance fiction writer)2024
Things Pippa enjoys: her job, airplanes, synonyms and tropical fish. Things Pippa does not enjoy: repeating patterns, tight clothes, people asking why she's single and school reunions. After four months of only speaking over intercom, when air-traffic controller Pippa Edwards finally meets pilot ...
List view record 37: Maude Horton's glorious revengeList view anchor tag for record 37: Maude Horton's glorious revenge
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Maude Horton's glorious revenge

Pook, Lizzie2024
London, 1850. Constance Horton has disappeared. Maude, her older sister, knows only that Constance abandoned the apothecary they call home and, disguised as a boy, boarded a ship bound for the Arctic. She never returned. 'A tragic accident', the Admiralty called it. But Maude Horton knows somethi...
List view record 38: Mister hockeyList view anchor tag for record 38: Mister hockey
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Mister hockey

Riley, Lia2024
Jed West is Mr. Hockey: the captain of the NHL's latest winning team and the hottest player on the ice -- at least, according to Breezy Angel, who's been drooling over Jed at games for years. He plays a starring role in her most toe-curling fantasies. But dirty dreams don't come true, right? Ever...
List view record 39: Moscow XList view anchor tag for record 39: Moscow X
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Moscow X

McCloskey, David2024
CIA operatives Sia and Max enter Russia to recruit Vladimir Putin's moneyman. Sia works for a London firm that conceals the wealth of the super-rich. Max's family business in Mexico, a CIA front since the 1960s, is a farm that breeds high-end racehorses. They pose as a couple, and their targets a...
List view record 40: Mt YasurList view anchor tag for record 40: Mt Yasur
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Mt Yasur

Francis, Matt2024
In the heart of Vanuatu's Tanna island, Hu Lee, the leader of an aid agency, meets a tragic end, fatally stabbed amidst a tsunami evacuation drill. With no witnesses, Sergeant George Long, visiting for the wedding of Constable Jayline Oli, is thrust into the role of lead investigator. Ordered by ...
List view record 41: My brilliant sisterList view anchor tag for record 41: My brilliant sister
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My brilliant sister

Brown, Amy2024
While Stella Miles Franklin took on the world, her beloved sister Linda led a short, domestic life as a wife, mother and sister. In a remarkable, genre-bending debut novel Amy Brown thrillingly reimagines those two lives - and her own - to explore and explode the contradictions embedded in brilli...
List view record 42: My friends : a novelList view anchor tag for record 42: My friends : a novel
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My friends : a novel

Matar, Hisham, 1970-2024
One evening, as a young boy growing up in Benghazi, Khaled hears a bizarre short story read aloud on the radio, about a man being eaten alive by a cat. Obsessed by the power of those words -- and by their enigmatic author, Hosam Zawa -- Khaled eventually embarks on a journey that will take him fa...
List view record 43: The mystery guestList view anchor tag for record 43: The mystery guest
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The mystery guest

Prose, Nita2024
Molly Gray wears her Head Maid badge proudly for every shift at the Regency Grand Hotel, plumping pillows, sweeping up the guests' secrets, silently restoring rooms to a state of perfection. But when a renowned guest -- a famous mystery writer -- drops very dead in the grand tea room, Molly has a...
List view record 44: The next big thingList view anchor tag for record 44: The next big thing
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The next big thing

Colley, James2024
This is a heartwarming, hilarious and quintessentially Australian debut about young love, small towns and underdogs overcoming the odds. . NORM has lived in Norman his whole life. It's where he grew up with his dad, where he went to school and met his best friend Ella. But the town is dying: the ...
List view record 45: The night islandList view anchor tag for record 45: The night island
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The night island

Krentz, Jayne Ann2024
When a mysterious informant disappears, Talia March, searching for a list of people like her and her friends, is forced to team up with Luke Rand, a hunted and haunted man chasing the same list, when they are both targeted by a killer.
List view record 46: The night travelersList view anchor tag for record 46: The night travelers
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The night travelers

Correa, Armando Lucas, 1959-2024
Berlin, 1931: Ally Keller, a talented young poet, is alone and scared when she gives birth to a mixed-race daughter she names Lilith. As the Nazis rise to power, Ally knows she must keep her baby in the shadows to protect her against Hitler's deadly ideology of Aryan purity. But as she grows, it ...
List view record 47: Not here to make friendsList view anchor tag for record 47: Not here to make friends
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Not here to make friends

McAlister, Jodi2024
Reality TV producer Murray O'Connell is the showrunner for reality dating show Marry Me, Juliet, and that means he's the boss: he controls the cast, the crew and the story. Until Lily Fireball turns up. Lily is everything viewers love to watch: she's feisty, dramatic, and never backs down from a ...
List view record 48: The other BridgetList view anchor tag for record 48: The other Bridget
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The other Bridget

Johns, Rachael2024
Named after a famous fictional character, librarian Bridget Jones was raised on a remote cattle station, with only her mother's romance novels for company. Now living alone in Fremantle, Bridget is a hopeless romantic. She also believes that anyone who doesn't like reading just hasn't met the rig...
List view record 49: PigletList view anchor tag for record 49: Piglet
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Hazell, Lottie, 1993-2024
Her life is so full, so why is she hungry? For Piglet - an unshakable childhood nickname - getting married is her opportunitt to reinvent. Together, Kit and Piglet are the picture of domestic bliss - effortless hosts, planning a covetable wedding ... But if a life looks too good to be true, it pr...
List view record 50: PoliticaList view anchor tag for record 50: Politica
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Kassab, Yumna2024
A literary journey that delves into the intertwined lives of a town, its people, and a region shaped by revolution and war. The war broke out and she decided to call her dad. Weeks and weeks they do not speak, and the weeks become months and then they are so many years. As conflict plays out acro...
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